Company Administration


Faculty:Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies
State code: 6531LX120
Study area: Business Management and Public Management , L02 Management
Kind of the study programme: higher education college studies
Mode of studies (duration in years): full-time (3), part-time (4)
Volume of the study programme in credits: 180
Awarded degree and (or) professional qualification: Professional Bachelor of Management
Accredited: till 2023-06-30

Purpose of the study programme

Training qualified administrators who are able to plan, organize and coordinate the processes of administration of a company (division), solve problems and make reasonable decisions on administration activities; continually improve their competences; work in a team; have creative and critical thinking; analyse and generalize the performance results.

Outcomes of the study programme

Knowledge and its application

1. Know and be able to apply methods and principles of administration and the legislation that defines the performance of a company (division), as well as the basics of theory and application that are necessary for solving problems of administrative activities.

Ability to carry out research

2. Be able to collect, process, systemize and analyse the data, the results of the performance and information, perform applicable research in solving the problems of the performance of a company (division).

Special abilities

3. Be able to plan, organize and coordinate the performance of the company (division), manage information and documents, use the office equipment, information systems and technologies.

4. Be able to administrate the personnel management activities, choose methods and tools for management of human resources, and apply national and the EU legislation.

5. Solve project management problems related to project initiation, planning, implementation, control and monitoring.

6. Represent the company and maintain public relations through keeping to the regulations of ethics and requirements of etiquette.

Social abilities

   7. Combine their personal interests with these of the company in performing the functions of professional activities in local, international and intercultural environment, communicate and collaborate in the native and foreign languages, work in a team, and keep to the principles of professional ethics and moral norms.

Personal abilities

8. Independently improve their knowledge in the professional field; understand their moral responsibility for the impact of own activities and its results to the community; maintain the valuables of the company thus ensuring their personal and company’s image.

Career opportunities

Upon graduation and having acquired Professional Bachelor’s qualifying degree, the students of the Company Administration Study Programme will be able to work as specialists of the Personnel department, administrators of a company division, specialists of document and information management, public relations, event organizers and managers.

The graduates will be able to seek for recognition of their study results, provided they wish to continue their studies according to the programmes of the first stage university studies. Having successfully completed additional studies, or satisfied other requirements stated by a higher school, they will have a right to enter Master studies of the second stage.

Degree granting requirements

Graduate’s knowledge, skills and abilities indicated in the description of the study programme are tested and assessed in public defence of a graduation thesis. A graduation thesis is an analytical project based on independent applied research. 12 ECTS are given for preparation and defence of a graduation thesis.

Coordinator of the study programme
Lecturer Neringa Draugelienė