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Ukrainian citizens, affected by recent unrest in the country and unable to continue their studies, are welcome to apply to one of the following Professional Bachelor’s study programmes in English:

Only applicants who have temporary or permanent residence permit can apply for studies in Lithuania.

Application process:

  1. Register and fill out an application at BPIS
  2. In the BPIS section “Other achievements” – for “Foreigners” select the criterion “I am a citizen of Ukraine and have a residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania” and add there a copy of the residence permit document in Lithuania.
  3. Apply to the higher education institution to recognize his Ukrainian secondary education document (if he takes the matriculation exams in Lithuania, then recognition is not required). The received certificate of academic recognition of the qualification must be attached together with the original secondary education documents in the “Secondary education” section of the applicant’s account – “Certificate and certificates”.
  4. Pass the Lithuanian language proficiency test (if the chosen studies are conducted in Lithuanian)
  5. To pass entrance examinations (if they are compulsory in the selected study programs).
  6. Persons from Ukraine who have a residence permit in Lithuania can apply for study places not financed by the state, where the full normative tuition fee is reimbursed.

    Citizens of Ukraine are admitted to non-state-funded study places at subsidized higher education institutions through a competitive process. Admitted citizens of Ukraine must meet the following minimum requirements:

    1. Secondary education obtained in Ukraine or Lithuania, according to the procedure established by higher education institutions, applying priority to persons who obtained education in the current calendar year
    2. Citizens of Ukraine with secondary education:
    3. 2.1. In Ukraine, the minimum requirement is a certificate of maturity and passed the National Test of Ukraine (original: Національний мультипредметний тест (НМТ)
      2.2. The minimum requirement in the Republic of Lithuania is a maturity certificate and pass two selected state maturity exams or passed the Ukrainian National Test (original:Національний мультипредметний тест (ММТ)
      Ukrainian students, who fled the Republic of Ukraine and declared their place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania due to war hostilities, but continue their higher education studies in their homeland via distance learning will be provided access to the internet and library resources at the Information and Self-Study Centre of AK.

      Applicants who are still in Ukraine, please send your documents directly to: Information or related queries can be also provided/answered via call or WhatsApp on +370 616 45103.

      Psychological support contacts in AK:,  phone: +370 614 58607 phone: + 370 616 45103.

      National contacts of psychological assistance to Ukrainians in Lithuania:
      Phone: 1809