Student’s embassy


Independent, non-political, nonprofit organization representing the interests of all students of Alytus College.
For the fifteenth year, the only organization has been active in student activity in Alytus.
The Alytus College Students’ Representative Office started its activities on December 20, 2001.


Student representation and student rights protection at a local and national level.
AK SA actively participates in college management and public life by providing suggestions and tips for improving the teaching process.
Organizes sociological surveys of students and teachers that help them to understand their expectations and, in generalizing them, make suggestions for improvement of the study process. In addition to entertainment events, students’ representations organize various competitions, seminars, conferences, and discussions with business and policy representatives.
In addition to students’ representation, AK SA organizes student events and provides various projects involving not only Alytus College students but also all Alytus youth. In addition to ongoing projects, AK SA is an active participant in international projects.
It also fosters old student traditions (Fox Christening, Election of the student of the most beautiful Lithuanian college, cemented first-year students, etc.) and creates a new one. AK SA is active in other youth organizations (AVJOSAS and others) as a member of the Lithuanian Students’ Union (LSS).
Student representation has an “Alumnus” club, which consists of all members of the Student Representative Office. Officially updated active ALUMNUS club activity on 20-20-2012.

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