Student Association


Independent, non-political, non-profit organization representing the interests of all AK students.
The AK Student Association Office started its activities on 20 December 2001.


  • Represents and protects students’ rights at the local, national and international levels.
  • Actively participates in AK management and public life.
  • Provides suggestions and conducts surveys helping to evaluate different opinions and expectations as well as proposes required improvements to the quality of study process.
  • Organizes entertainment events, various competitions, seminars, conferences, national and international projects and discussions with business executives and state authorities.
  • Fosters old AK traditions (Freshers’ Christening, Election of the best student of Lithuanian colleges, “cementing” of freshers, etc.) and creates new ones.
  • Is active participant of youth organizations such as AVJOSAS as well as  member of the Lithuanian Students’ Union (LSS).

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