Business Management



Faculty of Information Technology and Management
State code: 6531LX004
Study area: Business Management and Public Management, L02 Management
Type of the study program: higher education college studies
Mode of studies (duration in years): full-time (3)
Volume of the study program in credits: 180
Awarded degree and (or) professional qualification: Professional Bachelor of Management
Language of the program implementation: Lithuanian, English
Tuition fee: 2700 Eur 

Purpose of the study program

The goal of the BM study program is to ensure that BM students get theoretical knowledge and practical training, also abilities necessary for independent decision making in planning, organizing and management of companyÔÇśs human, financial, material and information resources in order to assess performance efficiency in reaction to the changes of business environment and labour market. Systematization of information, ability to use information dissemination channels and collect necessary information, classify and analyse target information, improve competencies, work in a team, think creatively and critically as well as analyse and generalize the results of work. The goal and estimated outcomes of the BM study program are defined and justified by academic and professional requirements as well as the society and labour market needs.

Outcomes of the study program

Knowledge and its application        

  1. Ability to apply legal acts defining company performance and business, as well as fundamental knowledge or models of management in determining and solving complex issues of company performance.

Ability to carry out research           

  1. Apply research methods, collect and analyse data necessary for evaluation of a company, business environment and its processes, as well as preparing of proposals and taking decisions individually.
  2. Plan, organize, manage and control company performance and its human, financial, material and communication resources. Prepare proposals about rational use of resources, also analyse business environment, opportunities for business establishment and development. Select the most suitable measures to reach high business quality.

Special abilities

  1. Manage company financial resources and investment projects, plan finances, create company finance strategy, make a company investment and finance plan, select appropriate forms of international credit and apply them in a particular situation.
  2. Establish and develop international business, analyse international business background and evaluate the nuances of the international market.
  3. Ability to create a company marketing plan, organize its implementation. Establish policy of integrated marketing communication taking into account peculiarities of different markets.

Social abilities           

  1. Combine personal and company interests while performing functions of professional activities in local, international and intercultural environment. Ability to communicate and collaborate in native and foreign languages, work independently and in a team, keep to principles of professional ethics and moral regulations.

Personal abilities      

  1. Study independently in the field of professional activities, use modern communication technologies, develop critical thinking. Expand a view and uphold human values and principles of democracy.

Career opportunities

Graduates are able to work in Lithuanian and international business companies, trade, production and service enterprises,  large organisations and their divisions.

After graduating from Business Management study program students can continue studies in Lithuanian and foreign higher schools implementing II cycle study programmes.

Degree granting requirements

GraduateÔÇÖs knowledge, skills and abilities indicated in the description of the study program are tested and assessed in public defence of a graduation thesis. A graduation thesis is an analytical project based on independent applied research. 9 ECTS are given for preparation and defence of a graduation thesis.

Coordinator of the study programme:
Lecturer Milda Budrien─Ś