Business Management


Full time (2022)


Faculty of Information Technology and Management
State code: 6531LX004
Study area: Business Management and Public Management, L02 Management
Type of the study program: higher education college studies
Mode of studies (duration in years): full-time (3)
Volume of the study program in credits: 180
Awarded degree and (or) professional qualification: Professional Bachelor of Management
Language of the program implementation: Lithuanian, English
Tuition fee: 2700 Eur 

Purpose of the study program

Provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the management and development of business enterprises (organizations) and skills that allow them to constructively apply this knowledge in the design and improvement of operational processes and to establish and/or develop their own enterprises (organizations), think creatively and critically, analyze and solve operational problems, taking into account the complex, dynamic, external and internal environment, be ready for continuous improvement, learning throughout life.

Outcomes of the study program

Outcomes of the study program

Knowledge and abilities 1. To know the basic theories and functions of management, be able to apply them in planning, organizing and improving management processes, taking into account the external and internal environment of the company (organization).
2. Know the basics of financial accounting, marketing, human resources management, process management, be able to apply them in practical activities, guided by the principles of social responsibility and ethics..
Abilities to carry out


3. Conduct applied empirical research, apply quantitative and qualitative research methods, collect, systematize, analyze data, formulate conclusions, systematically using the accumulated information to improve the business processes of a sustainable company (organization).
Special abilities 4. Collect, structure, analyze and critically evaluate company (organization) activity data and the results of performance of management functions, using modern technologies and information systems, solving practical management problems.
5. Formulate well-argued insights and make suggestions on improving the company’s (organization’s) activities, make reasonable and socially responsible decisions and adhere to the principles of professional ethics.
6. Prepare the company’s marketing plan, organize its implementation, plan integrated marketing communication tools, using the possibilities of digital marketing and evaluating the characteristics of different markets.
7. Plan and organize recreation and hospitality services in a tourism company, create tourism service packages, taking into account the tourism infrastructure and assessing the different needs of tourists.
Social abilities 8. Communicate and cooperate with specialists and representatives of groups in various fields, work individually and in a team in a multicultural work environment.
9. Express thoughts fluently and correctly orally and in writing, communicate effectively in a professional environment.
 Personal abilities 10. Communicate in writing and orally, think analytically, understand oneself in a social context, constantly learn and improve in the field of professional activity.

Career opportunities

Upon graduation and having acquired Professional Bachelor’s qualifying degree, the students of the Company Administration Study Programme will be able to work as specialists in various management fields in industry, commerce, services or the public sector, to establish and/or develop their own enterprises (organizations).

The graduates will be able to seek for recognition of their study results, provided they wish to continue their studies according to the programmes of the first stage university studies. Having successfully completed additional studies, or satisfied other requirements stated by a higher school, they will have a right to enter Master studies of the second stage.

Degree granting requirements

Graduate’s knowledge, skills and abilities indicated in the description of the study programme are tested and assessed in public defence of a graduation thesis. A graduation thesis is an analytical project based on independent applied research. 9 ECTS are given for preparation and defence of a graduation thesis.

Coordinator of the study programme
lecturer Neringa VismolekienÄ—