Meeting with Lithuanian Red Cross Society


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Dear lecturers and students,

On 26 September at 10:40 we will meet Alytaus Kolegija community to talk about the problems caused by the HIV disease and will encourage everyone to be tolerant of the sick. Our goal is to get more people to know their HIV status, and if they have a positive outcome, they will receive treatment. In Europe, HIV is diagnosed too late: 1 in 4 people living with HIV does not know they are infected, about 50% people with the first known HIV infection – the disease is already advanced, which delays effective treatment options. This means that many people have not performed an HIV test and are concerned about health only if certain symptoms or symptoms occur. At the onset of treatment, the infected person not only lives a normal and full life but also reduces the risk of transmission to relatives, community and family members. Of course, in our society there is a negative attitude towards the illness of the sick and the dissemination of misleading information about the only negative consequences of the treatment of this disease. We therefore invite, especially the college staff, to demonstrate the initiative and example for students and the first to make an HIV test, which will be conducted in a confidential environment, and the test results will only be available to the individual. It would be your contribution to the development of a more democratic and open society.


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