AK organizes the 5th round table of the DEPS-Skills project



From 8 to 10 December 2023, ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA/University of Applied Sciences (AK) together with Alytus Business Advisory Centre (AVKC) had the pleasure to organize the 5th Round Table of the DEPS-Skills project (“Digital Educational Platform for Soft Skills and Culture of Labour Market” N° 2022-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000085928) and to welcome the project partners from Poland, Norway and Ireland.

AK hosted the first two days of the meeting, which took place in Druskininkai, conference centre of Spa Vilnius hotel, and Alytus Business Advisory Centre organized the last day in Alytus. Both invited delegates from the partner organizations to listen to presentations and participate in a series of discussions about the importance of powerful soft skills like communication, time management, professional ethics, cultural intelligence, career management and digital literacy in the daily and professional life.

The topics discussed in this Round Table were closely related to the core objective of the project itself, which focuses on the successful integration of migrants into the labour market and seeks to create digital open online access platform easily accessible for improvement and development of various soft skills.

The three-day meeting was highlighted by a remarkable online presentation by Emeritus Associate Professor Dr J. A. Bulsys from the State University of New York, SUNY Geneseo, and live insights from guest-speakers Regina Špukienė, director of Alytaus Piliakalnio progymnasium, Irena Kupčinskienė, renowned writer, translator and interpreter, lecturers from AK Danguolė Leščinskienė, Raimundas Dabrila, and others. They contributed greatly to the success of the meeting with their meaningful reflections and sound assessments on intercultural communication and identity challenges, the difficulties of reintegration, the importance of professional ethics, communication, digital literacy and time management skills, emphasising the need to develop these skills from the young age and continuously improve them throughout life as they play crucial role in defining personal character traits and improve adaptability to different situations, which at the same time contributes to better professional development.

The meeting also focused on the details of project implementation and the ongoing workflow. The project partners prepared brief overviews of the results of the survey conducted and shared the researched ideas on the best practices for preparing joint analysis and had hands-on experience with the curriculum and a demo course on the MOODLE platform. Under the guidance of AK lecturers, the partners worked on their own courses, logged into MOODLE environment and explored the practical aspects of digital learning.

The meeting ended with a thorough discussion on the main project requirements and challenges and a final summary of the 2023 results.


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