Tuition Fees


The tuition fee is calculated on the basis of standard volume of 20 credits (30 ECTS) per semester.


Lithuania is not an expensive country to live in. Students have to pay for their accommodation and living expenses.
Average monthly living expenses for a single student in Alytus:

Accommodation (in the hostel of ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences):
105 EUR/Double room
75 EUR/Single room
Food: 200 EUR
Local transport: 22 EUR/month
Total: 327 EUR or 297 EUR

The hostel of ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA/University of Applied Sciences is situated next to the faculties. The hostel is comfortable for living and studying. The price of a single room is 75 EUR per month for a foreign student. More information:ÔÇŁENÔÇŁ/ÔÇ×HostelÔÇť.