Schengen visa

An alien who holds a Schengen short-stay visa (C), may travel on transit through the Republic of Lithuania or other Schengen states or enter the Republic of Lithuania and stay in it for a period not exceeding 90 days in 180 days, counting from the first day from the entry into the Republic of Lithuania or other Shengen state. This visa is mainly for tourism, so you will have to show evidence regarding your departure date, e.g. your return ticket.

In order to obtain a Schengen visa, an alien shall pay a consular fee of EUR 60 for visa application processing and provide the following documents:

  1. a valid travel document, whose period of validity must be at least three months longer than the period of validity of a visa requested to be issued. It must contain at least two empty pages and must be issued within the past ten years;
  2. a completed application of the established form for the issuance of a Schengen visa, which you can find here;
  3. one 35 x 45 colour┬áphoto┬ácorresponding the personÔÇÖs age;
  4. a valid document confirming possession of medical insurance for an amount of 30 000 Euros;
  5. documents indicating the reason of this travelling;
  6. documents indicating a place of accommodation or proof that (s)he is in possession of adequate means of subsistence to pay for accommodation;
  7. documents indicating that a person submitting an application to issue a visa is in possession of adequate means of subsistence (EUR 40 for one day), as well as for the intended period of stay, both for the return to his country of origin or country of residence or for travelling in transit to a third country, to which he would definitely be allowed or may legally receive such means of subsistence. This requirement is not applicable for minor aliens travelling with their adult family members;
  8. information helping to asses whether a person submitting an application to issue a visa intends to depart from the territory of member state until the expiration date of visa that (s)he wants to be issued.

Embassies usually issue this type of visa in 15 days if no additional consultations are needed.

You can find more information on Schengen visa here.