ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA/University of Applied Sciences invites to take part in the survey of Erasmus+ programme KA2 project „Digital Education platform for Soft Skills and Labour Market“ /DEPS-Skills/



ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA/University of Applied Sciences together with partners (Alytus Business Advisory Centre, Association „Euroregion Niemen“, Lithuanian community of Rogaland and Union of Lithuanian Individuals and Communities in Ireland „LABAS“) invites adults and migrants, employed or unemployed, to take part in the survey of Erasmus+ programme KA2 project „Digital Educational Platform for Soft Skills and Culture of Labour Market“ /DEPS-Skills/ and share their views about the need of specific soft-skills to successfully integrate into  the labour market.

The survey is now officially open, is availabe in three different languages (Lithuanian, English and Polish) and will run until 1 October 2023.

Your opinion is highly important to identify the soft-skills competences of adullts  (employed, unemployed and migrants) and/or how successfully do they integrate into the labour market. The results of it will be used to develop practical learning tools for soft-skills training in adults and help them better adapt to rapidly changing demands in labour market.

All the company owners/managers, business runners, kindly click this link, the rest of adults (employed, unemployed, migrants), complete the survey at .

Should you have any questions or face technical issues, contact Inga at

Thank you in advance for your valuable time and opinion.



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