Erika Kastanavičienė


It has always been my dream to have my life deeply connected to medicine. 2016 was the first steps towards accomplishing this dream, when I enrolled into newly formed course of General Practice Nursing in ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA/University of Applied Sciences. It was one of the greatest choices in my life, which proved to have given just about everything I needed. The administrative staff and the lectures played utmost part in the same and I am truly grateful to them. Their dedication and sincere wish to assist the students, nurtured me into a fully-fledged member of college community and helped to build confidence which I needed. I am now successfully working as a general nurse at the Alytus District Primary Health Care Centre, as well as a volunteer at the Covid-19 mobile point. I would like to wish to all the students to give the best and use all the possibilities given by ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA/University of Applied Sciences. And let the words of Father Stanislovas guides you through the life and work: “Share the kindness of your heart, wisdom, tolerance, understanding, compassion, and give hope and trust to those who need it the most.” Be curious and brave.


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